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Habbo hotel australia guides
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 Habbo hotel selected furni catalouge

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PostSubject: Habbo hotel selected furni catalouge   Tue Jul 07, 2009 7:51 am

These are the selected furni you can currently buy with your forum credits throughout these forums.
To get these please pm me with the following:
CODE+ e.g) CG121

then you make a room called habbo guides drop room then i come with the furni , drop in your room and then take the forum credits away from your forum credit balance. Although these prices are expensive we give out a lot of forum credits regularly.

code: RD123
price: 300 fc

20 credit sack:
code: CS123
price: 50000 fc

50 credit gold bar:
code: GB123
price: 500000 fc

Disco ball:
code: DB123
price: 450 fc

dj table:
code: DJ123
price: 530 fc

Dance floor:
code: DF123
price: 200 fc

toilet any colour:
code: TT123
price: 100 fc

5 credit coin:
code: CC005
price: 5000 fc

Habbo beta tester code:
code: HB001
price: 1000 fc

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Habbo hotel selected furni catalouge
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